Mauritania: leaders of 12 parties press for release of political figure held in Saudi Arabia

Leaders of the 12 parties aligned with the Mauritanian ruling regime have demanded authorities to intervene and secure the release of a political leader who has been held in Saudi Arabia for several months, reports.

Youssef Ould Horma Babana, leader of Temam [party close to the regime] has been held in custody for several months part of judicial processing on unknown charges, news portal reported.

The parties’ leaders issued over the weekend a joint statement calling on Nouakchott to intervene in order to ensure Horma’s return home.

The leaders condemned authorities’ silence over the situation of the Mauritania-Moroccan citizen. Authorities reportedly have been unmoved by Horma’s fate because he l entered Saudi Arabia with a Moroccan passport.

Horma’s situation has also brought some other observers to criticize authorities for being selective in intervening in favor of Mauritanians facing maltreatment in Saudi Arabia, notes.

Nouakchott and Riyadh enjoy friendly diplomatic relations. Mauritanian soldiers are fighting on the side of the Saudi-led international coalition opposed to Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

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