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North African countries shun western sanctions on Russian oil products – WSJ

March 3, 2023

Russia has found alternative markets to the European space as North African countries now line up for purchases of the Russian oil products despite western ... Read More

Spain among Western countries opposing establishment of a new state in North Africa

August 15, 2019

Last April, just few months before he hands over power, the former Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz, whose country is involved in the UN talks ... Read More

Morocco competes with Spain and Portugal in Ports’ ranking – Wall Street Journal

February 4, 2019

Morocco has invested heavily in ports infrastructure to become a competitor of its European neighbors, Spain and Portugal, in port-related items in international rankings, Jaime ... Read More

Morocco Unseats South Africa as Africa’s Top Car Producer- Wall Street Journal

October 3, 2018

Morocco topped the podium of the biggest car producers in the African continent, outpacing South Africa, the Wall Street Journal reported. In 2017, Morocco’s two ... Read More

International Press Underscores Morocco’s Return to AU as Diplomatic Victory

January 31, 2017

Leading international papers commented on Morocco’s readmission to the African Union after 33 years of absence as a landmark diplomatic victory reflecting the north African ... Read More