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Morocco adopted comprehensive strategy becoming pioneer in counterterrorism, violent extremism – Conference

February 17, 2021

Morocco has adopted a comprehensive and integrated strategy in its fight against terrorism and violent extremism, which enabled it to become a pioneer in this ... Read More

Africa’s Youth Radicalization, Result of Marginalization, Deprivation – UNDP study

September 12, 2017

Deprivation, marginalization and perceived state violence or abuse of power are pushing young Africans into the clutches of violent extremism, a groundbreaking study by the ... Read More

Morocco: Abaddi embarks on countering violent extremism

November 28, 2016

2016 was a remarkable year for Arrabita Mohammadia des Oulamas and for Morocco in its fight against terrorism and violent extremism. From launching an electronic ... Read More

Arab Summit: King Mohammed VI Makes Case for Arab Unity

July 26, 2016

King Mohammed VI of Morocco made a strong case for reinforcing joint Arab action and unity in order to better address the multiple challenges facing ... Read More