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Skhirate Agreement Remains the Only Document of Reference: Chairman of Libyan High Council of State

October 22, 2020

Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita stressed the pre-eminence of the UN-brokered agreement in Skhirate in 2015 as a political way out of the Libyan in-fighting. ... Read More

Moscow Supports Haftar’s Efforts to Restore Statehood in Libya

August 15, 2017

Russia Monday welcomed Khalifa Haftar’s efforts seeking the restauration of a central government in Libya, six years after the collapse of the Gaddafi regime. Russian ... Read More

Russia Poised to Take Advantage of Power Vacuum in Libya

January 12, 2017

Russia, which has vehemently opposed NATO intervention that overthrew the decades-long Libyan dictator Gaddafi, sees new opportunities in the power vacuum in Libya where it ... Read More

King Mohammed VI Calls for New National Zoning Guidelines

December 8, 2015

King Mohammed VI of Morocco called Tuesday for the elaboration of "an effective, integrated national land policy" to overcome the impediments hampering the full development ... Read More

Morocco: More than 3 million people to benefit from microloans by 2020

October 15, 2012

Morocco, which is already a regional leader in microcredit, is poised to develop its strategy in the sector, the aim being to increase the number ... Read More