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Morocco, Saudi Arabia call for combating terrorism, separatist movements in Sahel

June 16, 2022

Morocco and Saudi Arabia have called for more efforts to support stability, promote sustainable development and fight extremism, terrorism and separatist movements in the Sahel ... Read More

Algeria’s endorsement of separatism, a regional destabilizing act- Moroccan FM

May 5, 2020

Morocco has reiterated its condemnation of Algeria’s support for the separatist Polisario militia as a regional destabilization act. “A Neighboring country continues to fuel separatism ... Read More

Japan reaffirms its rejection of separatism in Maghreb

August 26, 2019

Japan was the latest in a series of global powers that strongly reiterated their rejection of the Algerian-backed separatism in southern Morocco. The Japanese stance ... Read More

Omar Hilale: Polisario Must Understand the world has Changed

May 2, 2019

The polisario and its mentors must understand that the world has changed and that the era of separatism is bygone, said, on Tuesday in New ... Read More

Polisario Unveils Algeria’s Support for Separatism in Morocco

July 20, 2018

Although it is self-evident that Algeria backs the separatist Polisario fronts militarily, financially and diplomatically, Algiers refuses to pull its head out of the sand ... Read More

Morocco-South Africa: on the Double Speak of a Pro-Separatism Journalist

December 21, 2017

The rapprochement between Morocco and South Africa seems to annoy some pro-separatism journalists who continue to spit their venom in the media. The diatribe written ... Read More

Morocco’s Return to African Union, Bulwark against Separatist Plots

July 4, 2017

The predictions of the advocates of separatism in the Sahara were true. Their worst fears that Morocco’s return to the African Union will block their ... Read More