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Morocco’s King outlines challenges facing Africa-Europe partnership in the aftermath of the pandemic

February 18, 2022

King Mohammed VI has outlined the challenges facing the partnership between Africa and Europe and the priorities that should be on top of this partnership, ... Read More

Morocco shall not have any economic or commercial transaction excluding its Sahara, the King says

November 6, 2021

King Mohammed VI has made it clear that Morocco shall not have any economic or commercial transaction in which the Moroccan Sahara is not included ... Read More

Morocco: Royal speech institutes a new social contract – Mustapha Merizek

October 12, 2020

King Mohammed VI addressed a speech to the members of Parliament, on Friday October 9, at the opening of the first session of the fifth ... Read More

Economic progress should go hand in hand with social development- King says

October 9, 2020

As Morocco steps up measures to help the economy recover from the coronavirus repercussions, special attention is also given to generalize social development notably health ... Read More

Morocco’s King urges strict compliance with health measures to curb Covid-19 infections

August 21, 2020

King Mohammed VI urged Moroccan citizens to strictly comply to health and safety measures in order to curb coronavirus infections, which have spiked recently. The ... Read More

King Mohammed VI rings alarm bell over Covid-19

August 20, 2020

King Mohammed VI has urged citizens to strictly abide by coronavirus precautionary virus warning that a complete lockdown could be restored if cases continue to ... Read More

King Mohammed VI deplores upsurge of infections in Morocco, warns of resort again to lockdown

August 20, 2020

King Mohammed VI has deplored the surge of COVID-19 infections in recent weeks in Morocco, mainly due to the laxity of some citizens and warned ... Read More

King urges parliament to devote efforts commensurate with new phase awaiting Morocco

October 11, 2019

King Mohammed VI stressed the role of the parliament in ensuring the successful implementation of policies in light of the challenges facing Morocco. “This parliamentary ... Read More

Inter-religious dialogue is not enough, Knowing one another will help rise up to the challenge of radicalism – King Mohammed VI

March 30, 2019

“Radicalism - whether it is motivated by religion or not - is due to failure to know one another, to ignorance of the other, and ... Read More

King Calls for Agricultural Development to Consolidate Rural Middle Class

October 20, 2018

Morocco is taking measures to develop agriculture as one of the levers of consolidating the rural middle class, creating revenue-generating activities, and promoting youth employment. ... Read More