King calls for facilitating return of Moroccan talents abroad

King calls for facilitating return of Moroccan talents abroad

King Mohammed VI gave directives to facilitate the return of Moroccan talents abroad and urged banks and public authorities to make it easier for them to invest in their homeland.

“Public institutions and the national finance and corporate sector are invited to open up to investors from the expatriate community, and to adopt, to this end, effective mechanisms to sponsor, accompany and partner with Moroccans residing abroad, for the benefit of all,” said the Monarch in a speech marking the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People.

He also stressed the need for upgrading the institutional framework governing Moroccans abroad and urged an enhancement of the role of existing institutions that serve expatriates.

“Morocco needs all its sons and daughters today. It needs all the skills and expertise of the Moroccan community abroad, either to reside and work in Morocco, or to engage in different partnerships, from the country of residence,” said the King.

“I therefore insist on the need to create a lasting structural connexion with Moroccan experts and talents abroad, including Moroccan Jews,” he said.

The number of the Moroccan community living abroad is estimated at 5 million people, in addition to hundreds of thousands of Jews of Moroccan descent.

“ I call once again on Moroccan youths and on project holders residing abroad to make the most of the numerous investment opportunities in Morocco, as well as the incentives and guarantees offered by the new investment charter,” said the King

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