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Algeria’s President flown back to Germany to continue treatment

January 10, 2021

Algeria’s new ailing President Abdelemedjid Tebboune flew back to Germany for medical treatment after a short visit in Algiers during which he signed the appropriation ... Read More

Power vacuum in Algeria a déjà-vu confirming role of army as Kingmaker

December 10, 2020

Algeria’s President Abdelmejid Teboune has been out of the country for more than a month receiving medical care in Germany and authorities are maintaining a ... Read More

Tunisia’s President dies leaving fears of power vacuum

July 25, 2019

Tunisia’s President Béji Caïd Essebsi died on Thursday at the age of 93 after he was hospitalized with a severe illness in late June leaving ... Read More

Haftar’s Deteriorating Health further Unsettles Libya

April 19, 2018

War-torn Libya braces for a new era of uncertainty amid reports of General Haftar being in Coma in Paris after suffering a stroke. It is ... Read More