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Sahara: Paraguay MPs reaffirm backing to Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

December 9, 2021

Paraguay’s Chamber of Deputies has reaffirmed strong support to Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Sahara, saying it is "the only credible and serious basis for ... Read More

Polisario’s debacle in Latin America continues

December 23, 2019

The Polisario’s debacle in Latin America is continuing. In just one week, Salvador has reiterated its support of Morocco’s territorial integrity and announced its decision ... Read More

Morocco Strengthens its Foothold in Latin America

October 22, 2018

Morocco has made of diversifying partners at the international level a pillar of its active diplomacy as it continues winning allies in Latin America, with ... Read More

Paraguay Renews Firm Backing to Morocco’s Territorial Integrity

September 28, 2018

Paraguay "fully supports Morocco's territorial integrity" and its sovereignty over the Sahara, said on Thursday in New York the Foreign Minister of this Latin American ... Read More

Paraguay Reiterates Support for Morocco’s Sovereignty over the Sahara

August 15, 2018

Once an ardent Polisario supporter, Paraguay has made a U-turn on its pro-separatist stance in favor of backing international law and Morocco’s historic rights over ... Read More

Sahara: Morocco Continues Winning Support in Latin America

June 23, 2018

Morocco has stepped up its diplomatic efforts in South America winning the support of countries that were until recently supporters of the Algerian-funded separatists’ thesis ... Read More

Sahara Issue: Morocco Wins Support of Paraguay’s Parliament

May 10, 2018

One after the other, Latin American countries rally the rank of supporters of Morocco’s territorial integrity. After Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil to mention but ... Read More

Morocco Contributes $700,000 to Fight Infant Mortality in Paraguay

February 16, 2018

Morocco has donated Paraguay $700,000 destined to refurbish the infrastructure and equipment of six Family Health Units in two departments of the Latin American country. ... Read More