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Tunisia: High Ranking Security Officials Suspected for Forging Fake Passports for Terrorists

March 25, 2016

Several Tunisian security officials have been suspected of helping terrorists acquire Tunisian passports and national identity cards. Some terrorists nabbed by Tunisian security forces reportedly ... Read More

Libya: Tripoli Welcomes Airstrike, Tobruk Condemns & Warns against Foreign Intervention

February 22, 2016

The Friday airstrike by the US on a house in Sabratha allegedly used by militants of the Islamic State led to controversial statements from the ... Read More

Libya: US Air Strikes Kill Dozens of IS Fighters at Sabratha

February 19, 2016

US Air Force F-15E jets early Friday killed more than 30 IS fighters outside the town of Sabratha said to host an IS training camp ... Read More