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Cameroon, Chad truckers protest dangerous roads, govt ban on heavy-duty trucks

September 7, 2022

Hundreds of truckers have stopped working on Cameroon's border with Chad to protest a ban on heavy trucking into Chad, which depends on Cameroon for ... Read More

Chad: rebel leader Erdimi returns from exile as challenges to national dialogue persist

August 19, 2022

Exiled Chadian rebel leader Timan Erdimi has returned to his homeland after a decade in exile in Qatar for talks aiming to pave the way ... Read More

Morocco’s carrier suspends Casablanca-N’Djamena-Nairobi route to focus on profitable itinerary

March 7, 2019

Morocco’s national flagship carrier Royal Air Maroc (RAM) has suspended its activities on the Casablanca-N’Djamena-Nairobi route with the airline saying it took the decision to ... Read More