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Morocco sends Imams to preach moderation among European Muslims

May 6, 2019

Some 800 Moroccan imams will go to Europe to ensure guidance of the faithful there along the lines of moderate Islam during the holy month ... Read More

Egmont Institute Highlights Morocco’s Counterterrorism Success Story

April 25, 2019

The Egmont Institute, an independent Think-thank based in Brussels, has praised Morocco’s counterterrorism policy, saying the North African Kingdom has been successful in preventing terrorist ... Read More

Morocco excels at promoting moderate Islam- Brookings

April 13, 2019

US Think tank, Brookings, put in the limelight Morocco’s efforts to promote the genuine Islamic values of tolerance and moderation in Africa where the kingdom ... Read More

Pope’s visit puts Morocco at heart of interfaith dialogue

March 25, 2019

Pope Francis will pay a visit to Morocco on March 30-31 during which he will meet King Mohammed VI who also has the religious title ... Read More