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Washington to cut military aid to Tunisia by half over democracy deficit

April 6, 2022

Washington will slash this year into two its military aid to Tunisia in reaction to the authoritarian path that the North African country has taken, ... Read More

US subjects military aid to Tunisia to return to democratic path

October 20, 2021

The US senate has subjected military aid to Tunisia to the return of democratic values after President Kais Saied has suspended the parliament and seized ... Read More

Libya: Two car bomb attacks at funeral of Haftar’s military aid kill 6 people in Benghazi

July 12, 2019

Two cars exploded Thursday a military funeral in Eastern Libya killing six people including two soldiers and one police officer under the command of military ... Read More

Egypt-USA: White House Sets Six Conditions before Release of Military Aid

August 28, 2017

The US Administration has set six conditions to be met by Cairo before it unfreezes the military aid it cut last week, London-based The New ... Read More