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Sudan’s Prime Minister slams military involvement in private sector

December 15, 2020

Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok Monday condemned the investments in the private sector by the army top brass and said that the companies they own ... Read More

Algeria: Will the Military Intervene ?

December 31, 2018

With the political crisis deepening in Algeria wherein social anger is mounting and the economic situation is worsening, the struggle for power between the elite ... Read More

Libyan Army Factions Discuss Unification in Cairo

March 19, 2018

Eastern and western rival factions of the Libyan army arrived in Cairo on Sunday to take part in the sixth round of negotiations to unify ... Read More

Morocco on Course to Develop Domestic Military Industry

March 1, 2017

Morocco is set to reduce dependence on foreign arms suppliers through developing a domestic military industry with Spanish, French, US, Belgian and British partners under ... Read More

Algeria: Bouteflika clan hands 5 year sentence in prison to former head of counter-terrorism agency

November 27, 2015

Former head of the Algerian counter-terrorism agency General Hassan was handed a five-year prison sentence by a military court in a behind closed doors trial. ... Read More

Egypt, Spain bolster military cooperation

October 26, 2015

Egypt’s Chief of Staff flew to Madrid on Sunday to hold high level military talks initiated by both countries to strengthen their military cooperation and ... Read More

Riyadh, Cairo to increase their cooperation and deepen their foothold in the region

July 31, 2015

Egypt and Saudi Arabia demonstrated Thursday their shared determination to close cooperation in the fight against terrorism and the quest for stability in the Middle ... Read More

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood clashes with security forces, Morsi encourages more actions

July 18, 2015

Clashes between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces after the prayers of Eid al-fitr have left six people dead and at least 15 ... Read More

Tunisia, Algeria to Step Up Coordination in the fight against terrorism

July 15, 2015

Tunisia and Algeria agreed to enhance their cooperation in the fight against terrorism affecting North Africa, wherein the Islamic state is expanding its deadly operations ... Read More

Iran-US: Obama smooths over critics but threatens to veto any rejection by the US Congress

July 15, 2015

US President Barack Obama hailed the watershed deal between world powers and Iran and tried to convince critics of the deal but warned to oppose ... Read More