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Tunisia: Media to boycott December Legislatives

October 14, 2022

Media professionals in Tunisia announced Thursday plans to boycott upcoming legislative elections to take place in the North African country in December as result of ... Read More

COVID-19: Tunisia rolls out support package for media

May 7, 2020

The Tunisian government Wednesday unveiled a support package to help media cope with ripple effects of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. A cabinet meeting, with media ... Read More

Moroccan Press Echoes Patriotic Fervor to defend Sahara

April 10, 2018

The Moroccan press has taken great interest in the Laayoune declaration, which brought together leaders of Moroccan parties, local officials and Saharan tribes’ leaders who ... Read More

Algerian Media Organizations Protest Ban of TSA News Portal

November 1, 2017

Over 20 Algerian media organizations expressed their rejection of the crackdown of Algerian authorities on free media after critical news portal TSA was shutdown by ... Read More