Tunisia: Media to boycott December Legislatives

Tunisia: Media to boycott December Legislatives

Media professionals in Tunisia announced Thursday plans to boycott upcoming legislative elections to take place in the North African country in December as result of state refusal to hold talks with the fourth estate on necessary reforms.

Mohamed Saïdi, Secretary General of the General Federation of Media, said, during a protest in front of the Prime Minister’s office, that media are heading towards the boycott of December legislative elections, Webdo Tunis reports.

He also called on the government to start serious discussions with the media structures, noting that the General Federation of Media has prepared the necessary solutions to resolve, in particular, the problems of sustainability of institutions confiscated, the online media adds.

The union of journalists of the North African country, SNJT, and the media section of the powerful labor union, UGTT, also participated in the protest.

The protest denounced President Kais Saied administration’s rapport and policy towards media. SNJT President Mehdi Jelassi slammed the state for refusing dialogue with media unions for necessary reforms. “The government ignores the real problems of the sector and continues to bury its head in the sand,” Jelassi added.

Tunisians are called to the polls for snap elections on December 17 to elect new lawmakers. President Saied has frozen the activities of the parliament since 25 July 2021. He also dissolved legislature early this year after lawmakers held an online session nullifying all decrees he had issued since July 25 last year.

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