Moroccan Press Echoes Patriotic Fervor to defend Sahara

Moroccan Press Echoes Patriotic Fervor to defend Sahara

The Moroccan press has taken great interest in the Laayoune declaration, which brought together leaders of Moroccan parties, local officials and Saharan tribes’ leaders who all spoke with one voice in favor of a firm action to quell any attempt at undermining the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Sahara territory.

The Laayoune declaration came to represent the unity of all the constituents of the Moroccan people and their symbiosis with the Monarchy in defending the territorial integrity and supreme values of the nation.

The Declaration was adopted amid rising tension with the Algerian-backed Polisario separatists who have conducted repetitive incursions into the buffer zone east of the Moroccan security wall in a blatant violation of the 1991 ceasefire agreement.

The document calls for strengthening the home front and mobilizing all stakeholders in the Moroccan society to defending the unity and sovereignty of the Kingdom over all its territories.

“The front of Decisiveness” was the title chosen by Assabah daily, which explains that the Declaration sends a strong message to the international public opinion warning against the laxity of the UN in averting the violations of the ceasefire agreement by the Algerian-funded separatists.

“Laayoune the emblem of national unity”, writes Al Ahdath, saying that the city has always been at the forefront of national watershed moments, citing notably the choice of King Mohammed VI to deliver the Green March speech from the city in 2015 in which he reiterated that the autonomy initiative is the maximum Morocco can offer.

Al Akhbar, for its part, said that Morocco is not engaging in empty rhetoric. In fact, military equipment was sent to strengthen capabilities in the Sahara.

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