Tag: Imlil Murder

Three Moroccans plead guilty in murder of two Scandinavian tourists

June 3, 2019

Three Moroccan men pleaded guilty in the murder of two Scandinavian women, the first terrorist attack in the country since 2011. The ringleader and two ... Read More

Imlil Murder: Swiss National Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

April 12, 2019

Morocco has convicted a Swiss suspect in connection to the Imlil murders, where two Scandinavian tourists were killed in December 2018 in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. ... Read More

Morocco’s Valuable Contribution to Counterterrorism Highlighted by Hungarian Paper

December 28, 2018

Hungarian paper Népszava has recently published a story on Morocco, hailing the stability of the kingdom, that it described as "one of the most open ... Read More