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China’s PLA navy increases African port calls in bid to cement Beijing’s diplomatic ties

April 22, 2024

China’s 45th naval fleet has in recent weeks visited Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar in what experts say is Beijing's show of force designed to help ... Read More

UN warns against Red Sea crisis escalation, as disrupted shipping prompts Africa price concerns

January 15, 2024

The United Nations has warned against escalation in the Red Sea following multiple airstrikes by US and UK forces targeting Houthi rebels in Yemen who ... Read More

US unveils new multinational naval protection force to stop Houthi attacks in Red Sea

December 20, 2023

The United States and a host of other nations are creating a new global security force 'Operation Prosperity Guardian' to help protect and defend ships ... Read More

The EU and State-Building in Failed States: European Engagement in Afghanistan

December 13, 2012

Failed states are considered as one of the most potent threats to international peace and security – soft security threats and risks in terms of ... Read More