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Libya: Attack on Foreign Ministry, an Attack on all Libyans – UN Envoy

December 27, 2018

The United Nations peace mission in Libya has “strongly” condemned a terrorist attack on the country’s foreign ministry in the capital Tripoli. According to media ... Read More

Libya: At Least Three Killed in Terror Attack against Foreign Ministry

December 25, 2018

Libya was hit again this Tuesday by another ISIS terror attack, which targeted the foreign ministry in Tripoli. At least three people were killed and ... Read More

Morocco Denounces in Strongest Terms Algeria’s Expulsion of Syrians to Border Town

April 23, 2017

Morocco’s Foreign Ministry summoned Algeria’s ambassador in Rabat and denounced the expulsion of 54 Syrian migrants by Algerian authorities to the Moroccan border town of ... Read More

Egypt: Cairo slams British envoy’s critics and International condemnation of Al-Jazeera journos’ sentences

August 31, 2015

Egyptian foreign ministry summoned the British ambassador to Egypt and criticized the international barrage over court ruling on the Al Jazeera journalists accused of “false ... Read More

Egypt: Foreign Ministry launches new blog to promote Cairo’s policies

August 24, 2015

Cairo has embarked Sunday on a communication war with what it called false information as the Foreign Ministry launched a new blog to send out ... Read More