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COVID-19: Facemasks wearing compulsory outside home, Interior Ministry reiterates

July 25, 2020

Morocco’s Ministry of the Interior reiterated that it is compulsory for all individuals to wear protective facemasks anywhere outside home and threatened violators of the ... Read More

COVID-19: Morocco to sell masks to French army

May 13, 2020

Morocco-made facemasks have been cleared by French army for conforming to top safety standards and the north African country allowed their exports after satisfying domestic ... Read More

Covid-19: Morocco’s pharmacies get 4.5 Mln masks daily

April 29, 2020

Moroccan pharmacies are supplied daily with 4.5 million facemasks to enable citizens protect themselves against the coronavirus, said minister of industry & trade Moulay Hafid ... Read More

Covid-19 : Companies convert production to save lives

April 8, 2020

Several Moroccan companies have converted their production chains to make personal protective gears (facemasks/shields, gloves…) and even ventilators to help combat the shortage due to ... Read More