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Central Bank of Libya holds first unified board meeting since 2014

December 8, 2020

The Central Bank of Libya, CBL, held Monday for the first time a full board meeting since 2014 after which the bank was split into ... Read More

The Egyptian Exchange worst day

March 27, 2013

It was not a joyful day at the Egyptian Exchange just like any other day since the beginning of the week. Tuesday was among the ... Read More

Tunisia and Algeria urge for exploitation

December 5, 2012

The governments of Tunis and Algiers have urged businessmen to capitalize on the investment opportunities given to them in a bilateral cooperation between two countries ... Read More

A whole town’s stock trading blocked by a hurricane

October 30, 2012

For the first time in 27 years, the New York stock exchange market closed due to extreme weather conditions.  During these last few days the ... Read More

Algeria: government bond investments

September 27, 2012

Algeria’s finance Minister, Karim Djoudi, has precised that the country will not be buying shares in foreign companies overseas to increase its foreign exchange reserves. ... Read More