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Morocco’s approach in countering extremism highlighted at a US talk show

September 2, 2021

Morocco’s multidimensional approach in preventing and countering extremism was highlighted at the US Joe Pags Talk Show. Guest to the US talk show, General Delegate ... Read More

French Weekly Highlights Morocco’s Successful Counterterrorism Strategy

June 17, 2018

French weekly magazine «Valeurs actuelles» published in its latest release a dossier on Morocco’s counterterrorism strategy, depicting the dual dimension of this roadmap based on ... Read More

Morocco Boasts Most Efficient Counterterrorism Strategy in the Maghreb- Crisis Group

August 10, 2017

Morocco has robust security services and comprehensive counterterrorism strategy that made the country the most insulated against ISIS attacks in the region, underscored the Brussels-based ... Read More

Morocco, India’s bridge to French-speaking Africa- Business Standard

August 6, 2017

Thanks to its increasing diplomatic and economic clout, Morocco is best placed to serve as India’s bridge to French speaking Africa, Indian paper, the Business ... Read More