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Algeria: Cornered by social tensions, renaissance of Hirak, President plans cabinet reshuffle, early elections

February 16, 2021

As the Hirak second anniversary draws near and as social tension is brewing in Algeria, the Algerian President is reportedly planning a cabinet reshuffle and ... Read More

Tunisian PM to reshuffle cabinet amid tension with parliament leading party

July 14, 2020

Tunisia’s Premier Elyes Fakhfakh Monday said he would in the next coming weeks shake up the government amid open dispute with the parliament majority party, ... Read More

Curtain officially opens for Morocco’s new cabinet after reshuffle

October 9, 2019

King Mohammed VI received the new government members after a reshuffle that is intended to inject a new life to the government, institutions and the ... Read More

A Tunisian Jewish Appointed New Tourism Minister

November 6, 2018

Tunisian Jewish businessman Rene Trabelsi has been appointed new tourism minister in a partial cabinet reshuffle that the Prime Minister Youssef Chahed hopes will add ... Read More

Morocco: Government Reshuffle Introduces Five New Cabinet Members

January 23, 2018

Almost three months after four ministers were dismissed from the PJD-led government, King Mohammed VI has approved five new cabinet members belonging to the same ... Read More