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Algeria: 30-year old Daech terrorist blows himself up near Constantine

April 20, 2017

A man aged 30 allegedly belonging to the Islamic State group (IS) Wednesday blew himself up at El Haria, 35 km from Constantine, in a ... Read More

Spain: Moroccan arrested for threatening to blow off train

March 4, 2017

A Morocco man was nabbed Thursday for threatening to blow off a train traveling from Barcelona to Figueres. https://twitter.com/SERCatalunya/status/837353944343019520/photo/1 The man who was on the ... Read More

Tunisia: A terrorist killed in ambush, Ministry of interior

January 4, 2016

Tunisian Interior Ministry announced Sunday security forces in conjunction with anti-terrorist unit traded fire with a group of terrorists on mountains of Siliana, killing one ... Read More

Paris attack leaves France in Trauma, places Europe on war footing

November 15, 2015

While France is embarking on a long journey to heal its wounds after the Friday terrorist onslaught that traumatized the country, the whole world is ... Read More