Libya: Two Serbian embassy staff abducted

Libya: Two Serbian embassy staff abducted

The Serbian Foreign Ministry Sunday indicated that two staff of its embassy in Libya have been kidnapped west of the coastal city of Sabratha.

The two abductees have been identified as ladjana Stankovic and Jovica Stepic respectively communication officer and driver of the embassy in Tripoli.

A separate report indicated the Serbian ambassador Oliver Potezica was also targeted in the kidnapping operation by unidentified men but was able to escape with his family and his driver who succeeded in running away with the car.

Reports also say that gun shots were fired and the ambassador’s driver was hurt in the incident.

The Serbian government vowed to ensure the safe return of its employees.

According to Tripoli authorities, the Serbian diplomats were traveling on the coastal road without informing the Diplomatic Security Service.

Serbia’s embassy seats in Tripoli but the staff is based in Tunis.

Seizure of foreign diplomats and workers has become very common in uncontrolled Libya. Abductees are used by armed groups to obtain the release of arrested armed groups’ leaders.

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