Libya: What if Libya becomes stable with women in leading role?

Libya: What if Libya becomes stable with women in leading role?

Libyan women activists pondered last week in Tunisia over their contribution to peace and security in war-torn Libya after political haggle between men has divided the country.

The women sent a strong message to the Dialogue process protagonists urging them to recognize women as key partners in the transitional process and not to exclude them or undermine their role as agents of change and as peacemakers.

At a three-day meeting (October 8-10) organized by the Women Empowerment Section of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and sponsored by the Swiss government, twenty women representing all Libyan regions expressed deep concern over the acute deterioration of security in Libya and that of displaced women and children across the country.

The women argued that for them, security means to be able to move freely, without fearing to be shot at or abducted, to be able to safely take their children to and from school, shop for food and access social services.

They launched an urgent call for the setting up of a strong government so far invisible in the North African country since the fall of former ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The participants also underlined their instrumental role in ensuring peace and stability through the promotion of reconciliation to overcome the social and political fragmentation.

While the UN-proposed government is subjected to criticism from both the Tripoli and the Tobruk Libyan Governments since it was announcement by the UN special envoy Bernardino Leon, the women pledged their commitment to the Dialogue.

They also received training on actions needed following peace agreements and the role of women in the peace process based on good practices experienced in other countries.

Meanwhile, the Libyan foreign minister of the internationally recognized Government, Mohamed el-Dairi, arrived in Cairo on Tuesday to brief Egyptian authorities on the latest developments of the situation in Libya since the announcement of the future Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA.)

Egypt, regional ally of the Tobruk government, urged them to quickly endorse the UN-proposed government. The parliament affiliated to the Tobruk government postponed till next Monday the vote on the UN-proposed GNA.

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