Morocco-Benin: LEMO takes over Benin Water Company

Morocco-Benin: LEMO takes over Benin Water Company

oulmesThe Moroccan Oulmès water company (LEMO) announced Wednesday it notched a deal with the Benin water company “Eau Techonologie Environnement” (ETE) becoming the main shareholder of ETE with 55%.

The deal was signed on August 17 after LEMO clinched 55% shareholding from Cauris Croissance Fund (45.74%) and Christian Mondjanagni (9.26%) founder and shareholder at ETE.

LEMO materializes thus its development strategy at the international scale and fulfills its Pan-African ambition and also contributes to Morocco’s African strategy and openness on African markets, especially in the Sub-Saharan region.

LEMO is the leading Moroccan mineral water company. It manages four water distribution companies namely Sidi Ali, Oulmès, Ain Atlas and Bahia. Listed on the Casablanca stock exchange, LEMO possesses three production sites and four distribution sites.

Renowned for its good management, LEMO is one of the first Moroccan companies to be certified ISO 9001 vs 2008, ISO 14001 (Environment management), ISO 22 000 (Food security) and ISO 18001 (health and work security management).

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