Medical Tourism Booming in North Africa

Despite the unrest rocking several Arab countries, many foreign tourists are still heading to North Africa not only for holidays but also for plastic surgery which has become a big business namely in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco.
The pyramids of ancient Egypt, the antiquities & beaches of Tunisia and the mystical city Marrakesh (Morocco) are no longer the main attractions for international travelers. Tourists are now more and more coming to this region for liposuction, breast augmentations and other cosmetic surgery procedures.
The popular plastic surgery operations include tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, breast lift or reduction, dental care, buttock augmentation & lift, nose job, ear surgery, eyelid surgery, chin augmentation and hair transplantation.
Its proximity to Europe, proven skill of certified board surgeons and moderate prices that make the three northern African countries attractive alternatives to India, Thailand, Pakistan or Latin America (the current giants in the field of medical tourism). The clinics there offer unbeatable packages which combine a beach vacation, relaxation and scalpel. Instead of a hospital environment, foreign tourists seeking a new look (flawless face or body), can enjoy the luxury and comfort newly built clinics, equipped with the most modern medical and surgical apparatus.
This highly attractive offer appeals to those short on time and who want to save money at a time economic & financial crisis is hitting badly Euro-zone. Thus, Europeans (women and men), who are looking for an affordable makeover and vacation wrapped into one deal, keep coming to North Africa from as far away as Sweden, Russia and the United States.
They keep coming because they’re paying half of the medical costs in their homeland, preferring to stay in a hospital like a 5-star hotel, and getting a safe and quicker treatment.
However, it is perplexing to see that countries that attract most medical tourists are often experiencing difficulties to give the adequate medical care to their own populations. So, it’s worth thinking about and one should start shopping around for a clinic that donates some of its profits to providing medical care for those who can’t afford it at all.

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