Moroccan farmers condemn attacks on their exports in EU

Moroccan farmers condemn attacks on their exports in EU

A group defending the interests of Moroccan farmers, COMADER, denounced the attacks on trucks exporting Moroccan fresh produce in the EU.

Videos on social media showed angry Spanish farmers taking aim at Moroccan trucks loaded with tomatoes heading to the UK market.

“We express our concern following the recurrent and unjustified attacks on Moroccan products and the media stigmatization that made Moroccan farmers a collateral damage,” COMADER said in a statement.

COMADER assured the high quality of Morocco’s fresh produce sold to the EU, adding that these products meet all regulatory requirements and safety standards.

In 2022, Morocco’s farm exports grew by 15% to the EU and 2% to Spain whole sales, while EU’s exports to Morocco jumped 75% the same year.

Spanish agricultural exports to Morocco grew 20% in 2022, COMADER reports.

In total, Morocco runs a deficit in its farm trade with the EU, totaling 900 million euros.

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