Algeria-Polisario propaganda machine crashes in Dublin

Algeria-Polisario propaganda machine crashes in Dublin

The Algerian regime has deployed a propaganda campaign for its Polisario chief puppet in Ireland in a bid to deflect the attention from diplomatic setbacks suffered around the world, but the multi-dollar PR operation ended in total failure and disappointment.

The Algerian intelligence services have organized a trip to Dublin for Head of Polisario militia Brahim Ghali and his meeting with President Michael D. Higgins of Ireland.

They were counting on this meeting to trumpet a shallow diplomatic success after suffering setbacks in Sahel, Africa, the Arab world, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The Dublin-operation was designed to deceive the Algerian public opinion and the Sahrawis sequestered in Tindouf camps to sell them an elusive dream with growing popular uproar, frustration, resentment, and protests in both Tindouf and Algeria.

However, things did not go as planned. The Irish President received on Thursday Brahim Ghali, described as secretary-general of Polisario and nothing else, dealing a hard blow to the separatist group and the Algerian junta.

“President Michael D. Higgins receives Brahim Ghali, secretary-general of Polisario, on a courtesy call,” said the Irish presidency on its official website in a brief statement.

It was just a courtesy visit with souvenir photos and no political talks which the Algerian-Polisario manipulators were expecting. Neither the Presidency of Ireland nor the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs issued a press release on “Benbatouch” trip to Dublin.

The Polisario selfie show, financed by Algiers, turned into utter humiliation and embarrassment as Morocco continues to attract huge investments into its Sahara and gain a growing international recognition of its sovereignty over its entire Saharan territories.

According to some analysts, the Dublin-operation carried out by Algerian regime was just “smoke- and-mirrors” ushering in no shift in foreign policy.

The move comes after sensing that London is edging closer to recognizing the Moroccanness of the Sahara following the footsteps of the United States with the mounting pressure of UK think-tanks and MPs.

As Morocco is building a new regional order with its African Atlantic Access initiative, France is expected to come out of the shadow and its comfort zone to join Spain, Germany and other European superpowers which adopted a clear stand on the Moroccan Sahara.


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