Marrakesh among seven great cities offering great walks, New York Times

Marrakesh among seven great cities offering great walks, New York Times

The large-circulation daily in the USA has ranked Marrakesh among seven great cities in the world that offer great walks and the pleasures of strolling through their urban landscape.

In an article entitled “In 7 Great Cities, 7 Great Walks”, the newspaper said that they asked writers in cities around the world to suggest routes that let the visitor immerse himself in the essence of a place at his own speed. The suggestions put Marrakesh third with its “Spider Web of Passageways.”

The departure point of the Marrakesh adventure is Jemaa El Fna, “this carnivalesque, open-air market in the medina”, which brims with juice stands, restaurants, and souvenir shops, “to say nothing of musicians and performers,” the media writes.

“Nearly twice the size of Central Park, the medina enfolds a vast spider web of passageways that seem designed to disorient outsiders,” the newspaper notes, adding that a compelling route from Jemaa El Fna that reveals multiple Marrakesh personalities starts at the white horseshoe archway leading to Rue Riad Zeitoun el-Kadim.

The red city adventure allows to behold the soaring battlements of El Badi Palace, a glorious 16th-century monument that is now a peaceful place to wander, the New York Times writes in this article embellished with numerous photos of Marrakesh. The media also cites the former Jewish quarter, the Mellah, and Slat Lazama synagogue, and the Jewish Cemetery.

The visitor further admires Art galleries, design shops and fashion boutiques that “glow with chic creations.” This is the edge of the medina’s international design scene and the souks, where traditional artisans ply trades ranging from woodcarving to metalwork to glassware design, the newspaper indicates.

The other six great cities with great walks are Paris, Zadar (Croatia), Séoul, Sydney, Saint-Louis and Rio de Janeiro.


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