WB helps Morocco improve access to quality healthcare for all with $450Mln loan

WB helps Morocco improve access to quality healthcare for all with $450Mln loan

The Board of Directors of the World Bank approved a $450 million Program-for-Results loan to support the Government of Morocco in implementing an ambitious health reform to improve access to quality public health services for all.

Morocco is currently implementing “one of the most ambitious and comprehensive health system reforms in the world, demonstrating its commitment to building human capital,” the Washington-based institution underlines in a release.

Building on the World Bank’s longstanding engagement in the health sector and current support of the demand-side social protection expansion, this program supports the supply-side health system redesign, the World Bank points out.

The reform will improve health outcomes and quality health service delivery through improved responsiveness at all health system levels.

The World Bank support will help make the health system more inclusive by expanding coverage in under-served areas, improving the availability of high-quality health services, strengthening the healthcare workforce, and improving the governance of the country’s health system, the release stresses.

“Improving access to quality healthcare for all is an essential condition for inclusive socio-economic development and human capital accumulation,” says Jesko Hentschel, Country Director for the Maghreb and Malta at the World Bank. “This loan will lay the foundations for a healthcare system that will continuously measure and improve access and quality of care for all.”

The program will deliver these outcomes through a multifaceted approach, the Bretton Woods institution underscores, adding that this includes expanding training to build the capacity for health workers, creating performance incentives that link compensation to performance, making health services more accessible in areas with greatest needs, and improving access to high-quality primary health services and routine quality of care evaluations at the regional level.

It will also strengthen health system governance with reforms to decentralize systems, improve payment modalities, and strengthen platforms for knowledge sharing and improved health data.

“This reform will increase health outcomes and provide economic benefits for all by improving competent delivery of health services, enhancing patient experience, and strengthening the foundations of a high-quality health system,” says Denizhan Duran, Health Economist and Task Team Leader at the World Bank.

Aligned with Moroccan national priorities, the World Bank program will also strengthen the health system’s capacity to cope with climate vulnerability and emphasize gender equity and citizen engagement.

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