Algerian army maintains deadly siege of civilians in Tindouf-Camps

Algerian army maintains deadly siege of civilians in Tindouf-Camps

The Algerian army has killed a Sahrawi dweller of the Polisario-run Tindouf camp after shooting a pick-up in which he was transporting smuggled fuel.

The assassinated Sahrawi is Said Ould El Bachir Ould Chaabane, a native of the Rguibat Oulad Daoud tribe who was known for making a living out of smuggled fuel.

Summary executions are typical of a tyrannical situation in which the Algerian regime has subjected thousands of Sahrawis, who have been sieged and abandoned to the yoke of a separatist militia that trades in their suffering.

The same Algerian army turns a blind eye to the well-established Polisario mafias that embezzle foodstuff and engage in all sorts of trafficking in connivance with terrorist groups in the wider Sahara and Sahel regions.

The case of Bachir Ould Chaabane calls into question the media blackout imposed in the camps where journalists are only invited to cover propaganda events instead of the dire living conditions imposed on thousands of civilians in full sight of the Algerian regime.

Human rights watchdogs have on multiple occasions decried the abject living conditions in Tindouf camps and the UN urged Algeria to allow a head-count of the camps’ population.

Recently the World Food Program, in its latest report on the region, deplored the malnutrition in the camp and the fact that the Algerian regime denies it control of food distribution, hinting at the practice of embezzlement of foodstuff and echoing EU alerts a decade ago.

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