Al Quds: Palestinian Hospitals Network commends Moroccan King’s efforts to support Holy City, its Inhabitants

Al Quds: Palestinian Hospitals Network commends Moroccan King’s efforts to support Holy City, its Inhabitants

The Palestinian hospitals network in Al-Quds has highly commended King Mohammed VI for his tireless efforts to support the Holy City and its inhabitants in all fields.

The network, which dispatched a delegation to Morocco lately, expressed satisfaction at the outcome of this visit as well as the warm welcome it received, within the framework of Bayt Mal Al-Quds Al-Sharif Agency’s action plan for social support.

In a letter addressed to the agency, the heads of the charitable hospitals “Al Makassed Al Khayria”, “Augusta Victoria- Al-Mutala”, “Mar Youssef – Al-Fransawi”, the Red Crescent and the Arab Health Center, highlighted the working methodology of the agency, under the Al-Quds Committee, as well as its rigorous follow-up on the ground of all programs and projects launched in the Holy City.

The representatives of the network expressed their admiration for the operational, technical and professional level of the Moroccan medical staff, “its exemplary moral qualities, and its humanism.”

“We are delighted by this hospitality and affection that you have shown us, which strengthens our confidence in our common destiny and in a better future,” they wrote, expressing their aspiration to further strengthen “the good bilateral relations that allow Palestinians, men and women, to benefit from the knowledge provided in Moroccan universities and the high-quality services of medical executives.”

“We left your country with its legendary hospitality, imploring the Almighty to grant the Kingdom of Morocco security, tranquility and prosperity, and to grant HM King Mohammed VI health and long life, and to preserve him as the guarantor of justice and surround the Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency with His high benevolence.”

During the visit to the Kingdom from February 20 to 27, the Palestinian medical delegation was briefed on the development of the health system in Morocco, and the generalization of social protection.

The delegation took part in a symposium on the emergency and relief system, with the participation of executives from the Ministry of Health, attended the signing of an agreement with the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Agency for the establishment of a unit for monitoring, coordination and follow-up of emergency and relief cases in Al-Quds, and held a series of meetings with officials from the Ministry of Health, the Agency and the National Order of physicians.


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