Arab MPs denounces interference of European Parliament in Morocco’s domestic affairs

Arab MPs denounces interference of European Parliament in Morocco’s domestic affairs

The Arab Parliament strongly denounced the meddling of the European Parliament in Morocco’s internal affairs as well as the unfounded human rights accusations against the North African country.

The Arab Parliament voiced strong disapproval of the European Parliament’s resolution which interfered in the judicial procedure of a sovereign Arab state, Arab MPs said in a statement.

The Arab Parliament expressed concern at the vote of the European Parliament and its allegations on the situation of human rights in Morocco.

It rejected the foreign interferences in Arab states using human rights and called on the European Parliament to immediately stop its biased approach which lacks fact-checking on the human rights situation in Arab countries.

The Arab MPs deplored in their statement the patronizing practices by the European Parliament and its dependence on allegations which are unfortunately treated as facts.

The European Union had better focused on the means to develop its partnership with Morocco and insulate it from harassment and blackmail, reads the Arab statement.

Several Moroccan political and institutional entities have also disavowed the EP resolution, expressing their rejection of any interference in justice or any attempt to influence its decisions.

They denounced a resolution permeated by a superiority complex and an interventionism politicizing human rights and press freedom to serve a political agenda.

They warned of the repercussions of the European Parliament’s blackmail on ties with Morocco, echoing earlier warnings by Morocco’s foreign minister who described such moves as a harassment undermining Morocco-EU partnership.

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