Guinea’s Mamadi Doumbouya orders audit of national budget management

Guinea’s Mamadi Doumbouya orders audit of national budget management

The leader of transition in Guinea Mamadi Doumbouya has ordered Prime Minister Bernard Gomou to audit the spending of the national budget after the country suffered deficit of $833 million, Faapa news agency reports.

A statement from the cabinet said the leader of the West African country wants to correct the shortcomings and failures noted in the management of the State’s assets, in order to put an end to old habits that persist and take root in several places.

State audit bodies, namely General State Inspection (IGE) and General Inspection of Finance (IGF), have been instructed to take actions in coming days.

Doumbouya also ordered the Minister of the Budget, the Minister of the Economy and Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank to provide him with summary documents on the payments made and the contracts signed and paid during the 2022 budget year, the agency adds.

The directives also recommended that ministers, directors of state financial agencies and heads of public companies to explain to public television their financial management and the use of their budget during the fiscal year.

Guinea is plagued by corruption and poor state institutions management. The West African country ranks 150th of least corruption countries out of 180 on 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International.

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