Istanbul blast: Two Moroccan tourists among the injured

Istanbul blast: Two Moroccan tourists among the injured

Two Moroccan tourists are among those injured in the attack that occurred on Sunday in Istiklal Avenue, in the center of Istanbul, according to Morocco’s consulate general in Istanbul.

Members of the consulates visited the two Moroccan nationals in the hospital. One of the injured women suffered fractures in the feet and underwent surgery at a local hospital, while the second one did not require hospitalization.

The consulate assures that it continuously monitors the situation of Moroccans present in Istanbul to take the necessary measures.

Following the explosion, the consulate mobilized all of its staff and got in touch with the competent Turkish authorities, to monitor the situation and support Moroccans in Istanbul.

Following the blast, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry set up a crisis unit that can be reached at numbers +905352067735 (telephone and whatsapp) from Turkey and on 0537676350, 0537676353 and 0537676251 from Morocco.

The consulate called on Moroccan nationals in Istanbul to exercise utmost vigilance and to comply with the instructions of the Turkish authorities.

The attack which targeted the beating heart of Istanbul, main city and economic capital of Turkey, left at least eight dead and over 80 injured in the busy shopping street of Istiklal, in Taksim district, according to a latest report from Turkish authorities.

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