Global Council for Tolerance & Peace to open regional office in Gabon

Global Council for Tolerance & Peace to open regional office in Gabon

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP) will open in Gabon a regional office for Central African States meant to strengthen and support efforts to spread the culture of tolerance and peace in various fields.

The office will be set up under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by Faustin Boukoubi, Speaker of Gabon’s national assembly and Ahmed Mohamed Aljrwan, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of the GCTP. The MoU also seeks to promote peace and tolerance, and share good practices, Gabon Review reported.

“Gabon has been a safe haven for decades in the midst of a sea of troubles. We need to maintain the status of a safe haven; we do not need to see Gabonese people out on the street, walking around. The Gabonese people are fundamentally attached to peace,” Speaker Boukoubi said after the signing.

“We are pleased to sign today a memorandum of understanding and joint action with the Gabonese National Council, which will enhance cooperation between the International Parliament for Tolerance and Peace and the Gabonese National Council,” said Aljrwan.

“We need the Gabonese culture. Stability and peace encouraged us to sign this agreement through the president of the National Assembly to work with Gabon and learn from their vision.”

The GCTP encompasses 95 national assemblies and aims at rising the value of tolerance and spread the culture of peace, fighting discrimination, racism, religious and ethnic and sectarian extremism and develop the norms of the International Law, which strengthens the principles of tolerance and achieving peace.

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