Arab League expresses solidarity with Morocco against Iranian threats

Arab League expresses solidarity with Morocco against Iranian threats

The Arab committee to counter the Iranian threat, an offshoot of the Arab league, has expressed its full solidarity with Morocco following the involvement of Tehran and its Hezbollah proxies in supporting Polisario separatist militias.

The committee said Iran and Hezbollah have been arming and training Polisario militias in full sight of the Algerian regime with the aim to undermine Morocco’s territorial integrity, security and stability.

Iran and Hezbollah’s support for the Polisario was part of Tehran’s agenda to sow instability and insecurity in the Arab region, the committee said in a statement.

Besides Morocco, the committee includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and the general secretariat of the Arab League.

Morocco severed ties with Iran in 2018 after it showed Iranian authorities evidence of their involvement in backing militarily the separatist Polisario front with the connivance of Algeria.

Morocco has also warned of a rising influence of Iran in the Sunni Sahel in a bid to have a foothold through spreading shiism and entering into alliance with malign actors that further undermine the pillars of the statehood.

Iran has had a detrimental role in deepening the inter-Arab divide while undermining the foundation of sovereign Arab states through manipulating armed proxies in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen.

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