Algerian regime, sower of discord & divisions in Arab World

Algerian regime, sower of discord & divisions in Arab World

While Morocco stands as a regional exporter of peace and stability, the ruling Algerian junta, which is yearning to host the upcoming Arab summit in November, is sowing divisions, hatred and discord in the Arab world.

The Algerian Generals are arming a separatist & terror militia to undermine Morocco’s territorial integrity. They stand with Iranian Mullahs against Sunni Arab brethren, rebuff Saudi mediation and side with Ethiopia against Egypt and Sudan.

The Algerian destructive policy is driven by its own agenda seeking to maintain a tight grip over power, avoid accountability and deflate the pressure of home-grown pro-democracy movement demanding regime change and establishment of a democratic & civilian State not a military.

For Moroccan Assabah daily, the Algerian regime continues fueling divisions among Arab countries by taking hostile positions against several members of the Arab League. This reckless behavior undermines seriously the chances of holding the Arab summit in Algiers.

The Algerian authorities are edging closer and closer to the axis of Iran, Syria and Russia. The rapprochement between Algeria and Iran has irked the Arab Gulf countries, strategic partners of Morocco. They back the territorial integrity of the North African Kingdom and recognize the Moroccanness of the Sahara.

The Algerian rulers, who claim seeking to unify Arab ranks, have severed diplomatic ties with neighboring Morocco, closed air space to Moroccan planes and shutdown the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline crossing Morocco.

According to Assabah newspaper, the Algerian junta rejected a Saudi mediation regarding Morocco’s participation in the Arab summit, saying the military decided unilaterally to reduce the level of Moroccan participation to only Foreign minister.

In line with the Arab League Charter, which prohibits interference in internal affairs of its members and opposes attacks on their borders and territorial integrity, Arab leaders have expressed firm support for Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara and decried the Algeria-backed Polisario militias’ hostile actions against Morocco, added the daily.

The visceral hatred of the Algerian junta for Morocco drives it to use financial sweeteners to trap Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed who dropped his country’s longstanding neutral stand on the Sahara.

Moreover, Egypt and Sudan are upset over Algeria’s support to Ethiopia joining the quadripartite alliance including also South Africa and Nigeria. By backing Addis Ababa, the Algerian rulers go against the geostrategic interests of Egypt and Sudan, depriving them of their water resources.

Furthermore, Arab countries slam the interference of the Algerian regime in the Libyan crisis as the Algerian moves and actions have foiled all reconciliation attempts.

Every time, the Libyans reached a national reconciliation deal in Skhirat, Bouznika and Tangier, the Algerian military stepped in to trigger a bloody confrontation between warring factions fighting for power and influence.

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