Morocco Hosts 2022 “Africa Endeavor” Symposium

Morocco Hosts 2022 “Africa Endeavor” Symposium

Morocco, in partnership with U.S. Africa Command, hosted in Marrakesh Aug.1-5, the 2022 “Africa Endeavor” symposium within the frame of the longstanding and strong military cooperation between Morocco and the United States.

Africa Endeavor is an annual senior leader and communications symposium designed to encourage interoperability and advance national cyber strategy across African partner nations.

During the Marrakesh meeting, Moroccan and American military experts, in addition to representatives of 21 African countries discussed encrypted communications, emerging technologies, cyber-security, information sharing, maritime security, mobile power solutions, joint actions against illicit activities, expanding & Improving IT infrastructure and capacity.

Participants also looked into ways of improving interoperability between the Royal Armed Forces, their U.S. allies and African partners during multinational operations.

Africa Endeavor symposium comes one month after the completion of the Moroccan-American exercise “African Lion”, U.S. Africa Command’s premier and largest annual military exercise on the continent. By hosting Africa Endeavor 2022, Morocco continues to demonstrate its leadership role in maintaining regional peace, security and stability.

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