Morocco to operate 20 desalination plants by 2030

Morocco to operate 20 desalination plants by 2030

Morocco plans the setting up of 20 desalination plants by 2030 to deal with water scarcity, water minister Nizar Baraka said.

The decision will help free dam water for inner regions, he told a recent panel on water in Marrakech, adding that Morocco currently operates nine desalination plants.

Morocco can build on the low cost of renewable energy to power these desalination plants, key to reducing water stress in Morocco.

Under the impact of climate change and demographic growth, the share of water per person in Morocco dropped from 3500 cubic meters in 1960 to only 645 cubic meters.

Baraka said his department will also invest in waste water treatment to reach a capacity of 1 billion cubic meters from 70 million cubic meters currently.

Speaking at the same event, industry minister Ryad Mezzour said industrial zones will be equipped with waste water treatment plants.


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