Casablanca-Agadir high speed train to cost $7bln

Casablanca-Agadir high speed train to cost $7bln

Morocco is seriously mulling the launch of a new high speed rail connecting Casablanca with Agadir, whose cost is estimated at 7 billion dollars, transport minister Mohammed Abdeljalil said.

The new rail link will bolster economic integration between different Moroccan regions and is part of a plan to serve 43 cities with rail services instead of 23 currently, the official told MPs.

Initial studies have been completed and the government is seeking financing resources for the project, he said.

The minister did not offer any details when a tender will be launched for the project.

Morocco is already operating Africa’s fastest train linking Tangier to Casablanca.

The high speed train, dubbed Al Boraq, carried 2.4 million passengers between Casablanca and Tangier in 2021.

ONCF chief said that as of 2022 all high-speed trains will run on energy generated from wind parks, and that all other trains will use clean energy gradually.

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