Algeria: U.S. decries serious human rights abuses & oppression

Algeria: U.S. decries serious human rights abuses & oppression

The U.S. State Department has slammed again the continued serious human rights abuses committed by Algerian authorities in 2021 against vocal critics, pro-democracy militants, journalists and civilians.

In its annual report on global human rights situation, the State Department denounced arbitrary arrests and detention of political prisoners, citing credible reports of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment of Algerian opponents by members of the security forces.

The report also condemned the serious restrictions imposed by Algerian authorities on free expression and media, using criminal defamation laws for unjustified arrests of journalists, government censorship and blocking of websites.

The document deplored the lack of judiciary independence and substantial interference with freedoms of peaceful assembly and association, including squelching a resumption of the Hirak and overly restrictive laws on the organization, funding, or operation of nongovernmental and civil society organizations.

It denounced unlawful interference with privacy, the use by Algerian security services of electronic surveillance of a range of citizens, including political opponents, journalists and human rights groups.

The State Department report decried the inhumane treatment and illegal expulsion of African refugees. NGO Doctors Without Borders said Algerian authorities forcibly returned thousands of sub-Saharan migrants.

The document also condemned serious restrictions imposed on religious freedom, lack of investigation and accountability for gender-based violence against Algerian women and child labor.

During the past year, Algerian authorities continued to use antiterrorism laws and restrictive laws to clampdown on freedom of expression and public assembly to detain political activists and outspoken critics of the government.

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