Spain’s King calls for mending ties with Morocco

Spain’s King calls for mending ties with Morocco

Spain’s King Felipe VI urged his country’s cabinet to take steps in order to improve ties with its southern neighbor Morocco on “solid foundations.”

Relations between Morocco and Spain worsened after Madrid acted in connivance with Algeria in hosting for medical treatment the Polisario chief who entered Spain under a false identity and an Algerian passport to shun the judiciary.

Speaking to diplomats, King Felipe VI made the case for mending ties with Morocco which he said should be laid on solid foundations.

“Now, both nations must walk together to start materializing this new relationship,” King Felipe VI had said.

The Spanish monarch also stressed the need for supporting efforts to make the Western Mediterranean a region of peace and stability.

Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, on his part outlined this Monday that Spain and Morocco maintain a “strategic cooperation” in all areas.

“For Spain, Morocco is a strategic partner with which we must walk together,” Sanchez noted during a joint press briefing with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is visiting Spain.

“We appreciate the partnership and strategic cooperation that we have with Morocco,” insisted, in this regard, the head of the Iberian executive.

Sanchez echoed the statement made by King Felipe VI of Spain while receiving the diplomatic corps accredited to Madrid, stressing the importance of redefining the relationship with Morocco on “stronger and more solid pillars”.

“I agree with the statements of the head of state on Morocco,” Sanchez said.

Morocco’s ambassador to Madrid Karima Benyaich was recalled in May 2021 and has not returned to Spain since then.

During the crisis referred to as the Benbatouch case, referring to the fake identity given to Polisario leader Brahim Ghali, Morocco has asked Spain to leave ambiguity and express a clear position on the Sahara issue.

Morocco has also reminded Spain of its shared responsibility in managing migration flows and cross-border threats.

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