AFCON 2021: Big refereeing scandal during Mali vs Tunisia

AFCON 2021: Big refereeing scandal during Mali vs Tunisia

The team of Mali beat Tunisia 1-0, this January 12 in Limbe, in group F of the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN 2021) of soccer.

The Tunisians missed a penalty. They were especially angry about the arbitration of Janny Sikazwe. The Zambian stopped the game before the end of the regulation time. More than 40 minutes after the final whistle, the game almost resumed but the Eagles of Carthage did not return to the field.

The image of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) has taken a blow, this January 12 in Limbe. The fault of the referee Janny Sikazwe, at the end of Tunisia-Mali, in group F of the CAN 2021. The Zambian, rather messy during this game, has caused a huge controversy. After having whistled the end of the match at the 85th minute and having changed his mind, he repeated and persevered at the 89th minute, thus skipping several minutes of stoppages.

The one who has already officiated during several finals then left the field under escort, amidst the anger of the Tunisian team and its supporters. He did not return 40 minutes later when – even more surprising! – the game almost resumed. But the Tunisians, furious at this rarely seen occurrence, did not show up on the field. And the referee appointed to replace Janny Sikazwe had nothing to do.

Too bad for the CAN and its reputation. But this should not change anything to the victory of Mali. Unless the Confederation of African Football (CAF) considers that Tunisia refused to play and that it is declared loser by forfeit.

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