Egypt to receive permission in 2022 to build two nuclear plants for electricity generation

Egypt is expected to receive, this year, the permission to build two nuclear plants for electricity generation.


Amjad Al-Wakeel, Chairman of Egypt’s Nuclear Power Plant Authority (NPPA), told Zawya the projects already in phases will be implemented in the second half of 2022.

NPPA is coordinating with the contractor Rosatom of Russia to obtain international permission for the project, Al-Wakeel also indicated.

The two partners signed, in November 2015, an agreement to build the Arab country’s first nuclear power plant in Dabaa with a capacity of 4,700 MW through 4 large units at an estimated cost of $28.5 billion.

NPPA has launched phase 1 of the nuclear facilities in Dabaa [El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant] on the Northern Mediterranean coast, involving designs, infrastructure and equipment, Al-Wakeel also told Zawya.

The second phase of the agreement is set to be completed within five years and a half, and this includes installation of equipment and preparation for trial operation of the facilities.

“Phase 3 will start after obtaining permission for the nuclear facilities…afterwards, we will begin trial operation for nearly one year…we have nearly completed Phase 1 and are preparing to enter Phase 2….construction work and equipment installation will begin after we obtain permission for the project,” Al-Wakeel stated.

“Once the project is completed, we will sign a contract for operation, maintenance and management of the facilities…this contract may extend for more than 60 years,” Al-Wakeel said.

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