Tunisia arrests Boko Haram alleged affiliates

Tunisia arrests Boko Haram alleged affiliates

Tunisia recently arrested a number of alleged militants of the Nigeria-based terror group Boko Haram, the leader of security union in the coastal city of Ariana, has told the media.

“In recent weeks, sub-Saharans affiliated with the terrorist organization Boko Haram have been arrested by Tunisian security forces,” Ezzedine Fathali told local radio station Jawharafm on Wednesday.

Fathali indicated that the arrestees arrived illegally in the North African country. Tunisia is also used by migrants as departure point for crossing the Mediterranean and joining Europe.

The terror group, an affiliate of the Islamic state group (ISIS) and founded in 2009, has been causing havoc in Nigeria, the largest populated country in Africa.

The violence of the group has caused the death of more than 40,000 people and the displacement of about two million more people.

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