Defense: Morocco acquires Israeli “Skylock Dome System”

Defense: Morocco acquires Israeli “Skylock Dome System”

Morocco has purchased the Israeli “Skylock Dome system”, an anti-drone technology which allows the Royal Armed forces to detect an enemy drone, neutralize it by jamming its signal and destroy it with a laser gun.

The announcement was made lately by Israeli newspaper Globes in a story highlighting the huge interest for Israeli defense solutions at Dubai Airshow.

Morocco and Israel, which have restored diplomatic relations under the tripartite Morocco-USA-Israel agreement signed in December 2019, are stepping up their cooperation in all sectors including defense, commerce, science, agriculture, education…

The Israel anti-drone system has been acquired by 27 countries including Morocco, Middle-East and Asian nations.

Skylock CEO Itzik Huber said his company offers relatively cheap defense systems that are extremely effective and provide broad protection against the growing threat of attack drones.

Skylock, part of the Avnon Group, is a leader in designing and manufacturing of comprehensive modular anti-drone technologies and counter-measures for detection, verification and neutralization of unauthorized drones.

The entire system can be fit into a container and transported by any truck. Thanks to its EO/IR trackers, thermal imaging and daytime camera, this multi-layered system offers comprehensive solutions for airports, critical infrastructures, military bases and national events against drone threats.

Morocco also mulls acquiring Israeli “Iron Dome” missile-defense system which is capable of intercepting rockets, mortars, artillery shells, aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs.

The Israeli military equipment and technologies give Morocco a strategic advantage and superiority in the region, making Algerian Generals, de facto rulers, extremely nervous.

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